People Tree, bespoke on the customer requirements of skilled technology professionals to work at their location for the contract durations. This enables the customer to have the skilled resources start the project work on a just-in-time resources for the project. This also provides benefits to the customers like control of their employee head count, timely delivery of critical projects without operational overheads that are associated with a full time employee.


  • Understand the customer requirements on a proactive basis, based on the industry segmentation that is being targeted. Make a list of typical skills, experience, etc.
  • Using various sourcing methods, come out with a list of interested candidates for these requirements.
  • Do a due diligence in validating these candidates through pre-submission interview process.
  • Once the candidate is shortlisted based on the technical, non-technical evaluations and also on the compensation criteria, propose the resumes to the customer as and when the requirements are active.
  • Customer would take the resumes through their recruitment cycle.
  • On selection from the client, the respective candidates are offered.
  • These candidates are on board at the client location within a short notice.
  • People Tree would take care of all the statutory compliances on an ongoing basis.





People Tree provides its clients the option of hiring the deployed contract resources onto their full time rolls on a mutually agreed terms and conditions.